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This work is profoundly inspired by Artistic Directors' Krogol and Reeves creative residency work in Llorenç Del Penedes, Spain, where they were able to witness the deeply moving construction of human towers during the Fiesta Major celebrations of the region. Un Castell uses the embodied knowledge of contact improvisation and partnering work to explore new methods of weight sharing, relationship, and interdependence to make us ask the question of where the physical metaphors of tower building exist in our own community. Un Castell is a step in Krogol and Reeves artistic process to find them.


“It's about weight. It's about the weight of our bodies. It's about holding each other and building. Where are our castells in our everyday relationships? What are we building? Who are we supporting?”

Un Castell Video


2016, Joe's Movement Emporium


Direction & Choreography
Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves

Choreography created in collaboration with performers

Lighting Design

Paul Jackson

Sound Design

Jeff Dorfman

Costume Design

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves

Running Time

60 - 70 min



CeRCCa Residency
Pau Cata
Marina Saura
Joaquim Sicart Bertran
Maria Vall Camell
Ignasi Perez Galan
Alba Vinyes Lasso


Brooke Kidd, JME’s Founder and Executive Director, for making this performance possible and bringing us into the space.

Miriam Phillips, for guiding our process and approach to the dance research involved in the work.


Emily Ames

Mustapha Braimah

Chelsea Brown

Robin Neveu Brown

Gabrielle Di Giuseppe

Ronnie Harris

Atlas Hill

Jonathan Hsu

DeeDee Johnson

Colette Krogol

Nicole Sneed

Matt Reeves

Celeste White

Allen Xing


Oliver Mertz

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