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“The interactive experience was enthralling and innovative, a well executed idea that will leave a lasting imprint on my memory.”
Dance Metro DC

"It was a breathtaking move of precision and power."

“Sometimes we need someone else to remind us how beautiful our own every day home town can be. Community dance documentary Rauma in Motion – Rauma liikkeessä does it."
Tiia Jokisalo- Länsi-Suomi Newspaper 

"...a lovely duet that evokes a pastoral America of both hope and despair that offers some gorgeous tableaus and provoking images."
Tampa Bay Times

“An interactive dance and film experience put on by Orange Grove Dance, The 1 Mile Radius Project sought to open our minds to all of the splendor we might take for granted within our own “one mile radius.”
Dance Metro DC

"...powerful chemistry and a beautiful, personal vocabulary."

“There has hardly been any city where such a beautiful and deeply effecting film which touches one’s soul has been done as Rauma in Motion. ... American dance artists Colette Krogol and Matthew Reeves bring a feeling of Rauma and Rauma people delicately and then synchronize it with the film using dance and music magnificently together. And what wonderful music!”
Elina Helkelä-

"Choreographers Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves magically spun a visual tale of suspension, tension, and community within a multilayered moving painting."
Dance Metro DC

“How does Rauma look through the eyes of the American dance artists? Lyrical, actually poetically beautiful.”
Jukkapekka Varjonen, Satakunnan Kansa Newspaper

“This piece, what with its detail and the specificity with which each element was chosen and placed, is an experience that transcends the stage.”
Dance Metro DC

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Krogol and Reeves are the 2020 Helen Hayes Award winners for “Outstanding Choreography in a Play” for their work in Round House Theatre’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.



Meet the amazing interdisciplinary artists that perform, build, design, compose, film, and inspire each OGD Production. At the heart of our work is the people that contribute to the OGD creative process.



We strive to be company that brings dance to the forefront of a digital world, to bring our humanity face to face with technology so that we might have a meaningful relationship...

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