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THE ARCHETYPES is a visual journey steeped in mythology and expressed through the cinematic lens. The film follows six ARCHETYPES through a dream-like reality as they near the end of a cycle. Doomed to their legendary roles, the ARCHETYPES have no choice but to fulfill their cosmic destinies, compelled by nature to play their part in this epic story, which is revealed on a human scale. 

Filmed in New York City, and in Freeport and Newcastle, Maine.

The Archetypes Video


2017, Dam Short Film Festival


William Joseph Stribling

Screenplay & Choreography 

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves ​


Original Score

Dylan Glatthorn

Director of Photography 

Alex Gallitano

Production Design

Alex Whittenberg

Costume Design & Make-Up

Jessica Harrison


Raymond Fraiser

Thomas Nudi

Light Garden Lighting Design

Shaun Suchan

Running Time





Orange Grove Dance

Lowland Pictures

Arjay Entertainment


Daniel Cucinella

Quincie Hydock

Colette Krogol

Joey Loto

Matt Reeves

Brandon Washington


Distinction and Awards

Best Dance Film at Et Cultura Film Festival

Florida FIlmmaker Award at Et Cultura Film Festival

Nominated for Best Arthouse Film at the Stockholm Independent Film Festival

Nominated for Best Editing and Best Escapism Film at the Tampa Bay Undergound Film Festival

Official Selection

Dam Short Film Festival, Underground Film Fest, Stockholm Independent Film Festival,

Skyline Indie Film Fest, Et Cultura Film Festival, Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, Festival Angaelica, Richmond International Film Festival

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