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'to reserve, to keep.'

Facing unprecedented challenges to our environment and the impact we have on it, 'Reservoir' is the beginning of a new series of works using dance, film, and live music to remind us of the fragile but deep well of life our natural environments provide.

"These past two years have further propelled our art-making out of theaters and into natural open spaces, reminding us of a divine connection we as humans experience with nature. It is not something separate from us to tame or fence out but rather it is an awe-inspiring force of which we are a small but integral part."

Reservoir Video


Earth Day 2022, Vimeo

Direction & Choreography

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves ​
Choreography created in collaboration with performers


London Brison

Music Composition & Performance

Daniel Frankhuizen


Jonathan Hsu


Editing & Color

Matt Reeves

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