Orange Grove Dance was commissioned by the Alexandria Council for the Arts to transform its' Waterfront Park with its trademark virtuosic athleticism and evocative sound design.


Their work, REDEFLECT is a site-specific dance that curiously agitates and activates the space in and around the MIRROR MIRROR installation by Softlab NYC; revealing how space, sculpture, and people respond to one another. Inspired by the reflective nature of how light and sound influences the installation and the public design of the Waterfront Park, REDEFLECT pivots performers and audiences alike into a surreal landscape of mirages.



2019, Alexandria Waterfront Park

Direction & Choreography

Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves

Choreography created in collaboration with performers


Original Composition & Sound Design

Dylan Glatthorn


Costume Design

Jeannette Christensen

Running Time

35 min



Created during OGD's Site/See Artist Residency through Alexandria Office of the Arts



London Brison

Colette Krogol

Shanice Mason

Matt Reeves