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After a two-month residency hosted by RaumArs AIR Programme, Krogol and Reeves developed Rauma in Motion into a thirty-two minute film as a direct response to the communal depth and richness they encountered there. Hundreds of local residents, ranging in age from three to ninety, participated in movement workshops, community classes, interviews, shared meals, bike rides, and performances to create this film. Rauma in Motion provided a fresh perspective and intimate look into the town's fascinating culture, terrain, history, people, and way of life through natural and choreographed movement. During our time in Rauma they worked creatively with numerous schools, community groups, studios, and organizations, including Raumanmeri School, Turun Seudun Tanssioppilaitos, Senioritanssijat, Rauman Naisvoimistelijat, Rauman Taidemuseo, Rauman merimuseo, Senioritanssijat, Nummen päiväkoti, & Sampaanalan päiväkoti.


The film premiered in Rauma’s Lönnströmin taidemuseo in December of 2012 and was hailed by regional press. Tiia Jokisalo of the Länsi-Suomi Newspaper stated: “Sometimes we need someone else to remind us how beautiful our own everyday home town can be. Community dance documentary Rauma in Motion – Rauma liikkeessä does it."

Rauma in Motion Video


2012, Lönnström Art Museum

Direction & Choreography

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves


Original Score

Dylan Glatthorn

Running Time

32 min

Finnish and English

Premiered at the Lönnströmin taidemuseo/ Lönnström Art Museum in Rauma, Finland in a solo exhibition that ran from 12.12.2012 - 20.01.2013

Rauma in Motion was made possible by RaumArs AIR Programme and the Finlandia Foundation National's Cultural Grant.

A very special thank you to all the participants who were a part of this film.

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