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Rauma in Motion 2022 is a short (30min)  ‘Dance-U-Mentary’ film that reflects the locomotion, mobility, and flow of Rauma as the days transition from summer to the beautiful ruska of fall.  An Orange Grove Dance (OGD) project, the film is a companion to its original counterpart of the same name, Rauma in Motion that was created in 2012.


Artists Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves of OGD, traveled to Rauma, Finland in 2012 to embark on a first-of-its-kind Dance-u-mentary film project, Rauma in Motion, and left forever changed by the people, land, sea, and history of the town. With support from RaumArs AIR and the Finlandia Foundation they returned to Finland in August of 2022 to once again document the communal depth and richness of life in Rauma through movement. Hundreds of local residents joined this unique project through movement workshops, performances, conversations, meals, and invitations into their lives, jobs, homes, and passions.


A truly interdisciplinary work of art created in collaboration with the people of Rauma, this film provides an embodied glimpse of Rauma’s community and culture through choreographed and natural movement. The project again features an original score by acclaimed composer Dylan Glatthorn,  who joined Krogol and Reeves in Rauma during August of 2022. Together the artists researched the sights and sounds of Rauma, as well as led collaborative workshops and performances within the Rauma community.


Rauma in Motion 2022 will premiere this January 12-17, 2024 at Poselli (Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma) with hourly screenings and special events.

*Two special events to note:

Saturday at 13.30 will be the Official Premiere of Rauma in Motion 2022 followed by a panel discussion with the artists who made the film and Rauma city people, and Sunday at 16.00 will be a Double Feature Screening where the 2012  and the 2022 film will be screened back-to-back followed by a brief conversation with the artists.



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