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The Other Canticles are inspired by five musical canticles of British composer Benjamin Britten. The pieces were written across his lifetime; with three of the pieces written as memorials. These dance films rouse the dynamic musical themes of each canticle and reflect the intense tone, power, and spiritual elevation of these works across disparate cinematic landscapes. 

Films will premiere weekly on INVISION hosted by IN Series.

Direction & Choreography

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves


London Brison

Robin Neveu Brown

Juliana Pongutá Forero

Colette Krogol

Matt Reeves

Robert Rubama

IN Series Artists

Justina Kim, piano | music direction (Canticles 1-4)

Robert Chafin, tenor (Canticles 1-5)

Daniel Moody, counter-tenor (Canticles 2 and 4)

Carl Dupont, baritone (Canticle 4)

Josh Thompson, horn (Canticle 3)

Zoe Coppola, harp (Canticle 5)

Cinematography & Editing

Matt Reeves

Colette Krogol

Jonathan HSU (Canticle 3)


Peter Leibold VI (Canticle 3)

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