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The OPEN BOX Project is an evening-length work created in collaboration between Rogue Collective and Orange Grove Dance. Performed in the vast tunnels of the Dupont Underground in Washington DC, the architecture served as rich inspiration for this interactive evening, which explored how space, material, light, and sound affect the experiences and actions of their inhabitants.


Influenced by American minimalism and popular music the string players of Rogue Collective blended their sounds and creations with the dynamic, virtuosic, and visually athletic choreography of Orange Grove Dance. When audiences arrived they were divided into two groups and placed at each end of the long Dupont Underground tunnel, approximately 1/4 mile apart. Due to the arced nature of the tunnel, the audiences could not see one another or what was occurring at the other end of the space. At any moment within the work, OGD performers can be seen departing one audience while arriving to another. As the performance continued, like oncoming trolley trains, the audiences progressively got closer, and finally reunited for the final section of the work. Many audience members returned to experience the work from the other end.  

OPEN BOX Project Press Image.jpeg


2017, Dupont Underground

Co-Direction & Choreography

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves ​

Choreography created in collaboration with OGD performers

Original Music Composition

Rogue Collective 

Lighting Design 

Peter Leibold

Running Time

65 min 




Video shot & Edited

Oliver Mertz

Project made possible by Cultural DC's Space4 Grant and Dupont Underground

OGD Performers

Robin Neveu Brown

Abby Farina

Jonathan Hsu

Colette Krogol

Chris Law

Sarah Beth Oppenheim

Matt Reeves

Shawn Stone

Rogue Collective Performers

Alexandra Cantalupo

Kait Moreno

Natalie Spehar

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