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The 2019 United States Botanic Garden Dance Commission, LEANING TOWARD THE SKY premiered within the lush and abundant living collection of the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory. In response to the natural architecture, rhythms, and movement of the plant life, along with the blueprint and cyclical patron pathways of the Conservatory, Orange Grove Dance illuminated and further revealed the richness and wonder of life cycles in plants, people, and mythology through dynamic dancing, an original sound score, and vivid projection design. The audience was encouraged to follow their own curiosities as LEANING TOWARDS THE SKY unfolded throughout the entirety of the Conservatory.


The USBG Conservatory serves as a sanctuary for plant life and provides a vital space for the public to
contemplate their relationship to nature. This relationship is the pivoting axis point for this work. Stepping into the gardens, you can’t help but be transported into a special place within yourself; that place where, if you stand still for a moment and listen, you can hear the heartbeat of the universe aligning with your own.

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Leaning Towards The Sky Video


2019, United States Botanic Garden

Direction & Choreography

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves ​
Choreography created in collaboration with performers

Lighting Design

Peter Leibold

Original Music Score 

Dylan Glatthorn

Projection & Costume Design

Matt Reeves

Stage Manager

Tori Ujczo


Running Time 

75 min



Videography & Photography

Mariah Miranda & Jonathan Hsu

Company Performers
London Brison

Abby Farina
Juliana Pongutá Forero

Joe Gipson
Jonathan Hsu

Angad Kalsi
Colette Krogol
Sydney Lemelin
Matt Reeves

Ensemble Performers

Terra Bergamy

Amber Chabus

Adrian Gusky

Atlas Hill

Carolyn Hoehner

Sadie Leigh

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