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La tierra de mi madre is a short film sprung from Orange Grove Dance's performance Tetralogy 4 Recurring Dreams. The four part series of works stand as mythopoetic research into personal memories and stories of one family’s migration from Cuba in 1980.



"Evening was quickly turning to night as the boat pulled off the dock. The captain handed each person a glow stick. He broke his and told everyone aboard, 'If we capsize on this journey to the US make sure to illuminate your glow stick so that you have a better chance of being found in the ocean.' And with that my family watched the lights of Cuba fade away in the distance, the only land they had ever known. Only left with each other, the darkness of the night, and a few distant stars reflecting off the water. My mother tells of a darkness she had never experienced before. "

-Colette Krogol -Director/Choreographer


2020, Dance Place: Dance on Film Series


Direction & Choreography

Colette Krogol & Matt Reeves

Choreography created in collaboration with performers


Directer of Photography

Jonathan Hsu


Matt Reeves

Lighting Design

Peter Leibold

Original Music

Dylan Glatthorn

Stage Manager 

Tarythe Albrecht

Scenic/Prop Design

Matt Reeves

Costume Design

Robert Croghan

Run Time



Robin Brown

Juliana Pongutá Forero

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